Jonah Keri at would like everyone to calm down about the Blue Jays

Monday, May 4th, 2009   (7 years, 11 months ago)

Jonah Keri over at Sports Illustrated tries to inject some sanity into all this hype we’ve been hearing about the Toronto Blue Jays. Also - thank you Jonah Keri for giving me another reason to like Bert Blyleven

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Recognizing the zeitgeist of ball-washing being heaped upon the Blue Jays due to their strong start, Jonah Keri over at Sports Illustrated would like to offer up a lone voice of reason.

He’s clearly trying to rein in the excessive enthusiasm of people like CBSSports who have offered glowing comments like: “The offense keeps choogling along, even if it doesn’t look epic on paper. But let’s see how it fares against a staff like Boston’s before making any grand assessments.” and “No, they haven’t faced even an average staff yet, but the offensive output (54 runs in eight games) is still impressive

Or who ranked the Jays anywhere from 22 all the way up to 10th! I’d put a link, but quite honestly I’m sick of giving fanhouse traffic - especially after they deleted the last comment I left that had a link to this site in it.

And… um… actually that’s it. I searched the internets (all of them) and for the life of me that was all I could find. The most defining thing about the Toronto Blue Jays blazing start to the season is how thoroughly it has been ignored.

But not quite. Because Keri himself provides a link to the single most positive thing I have seen written about the Blue Jays this year:

Bert Blyleven tagged the Jays as possessing a potent enough offense to overcome the team’s litany of pitching injuries and make a run at the division crown.

As if I needed another reason to like Bert Blyleven.*

This is becoming a theme on this site lately, but Keri’s whole article is largely a comparison of the Blue Jays and the Marlins. The central premise seems to be that people got inexplicably excited about the Marlins hot start (despite their awful stats) and so he wants to preemptively head off anyone getting excited about the Blue Jays.

Thanks Jonah. All that media hype we were being deluged with was getting out of control.

The Blue Jays have gotten fat on a soft schedule; in fact they’ve yet to play a single game against an AL East foe.

Exactly. The Jays first six series were against the Tigers, Indians, Twins, Athletics, Rangers and White Sox.

And no one expected any of those teams to be any good this year.


* Blyleven was an all-time great pitcher and I really think at this point that the people that are voting against his Hall of Fame candidacy are doing it because they hate the “stat geeks” that are Blyleven’s strongest supporters. I also love the way Blyleven calls a baseball game.

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