MLB Power Rankings: hates the Blue Jays. …and Canadians

Friday, April 24th, 2009   (8 years ago) publishes their week 3 “power rankings” and proves that they don’t know what either of those words mean.

Share This These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. puts out their week 3 rankings, insults Canadian baseball fans, chooses to ignore every single widely available measure of team performance and then tops things off by ranking Florida as the best team in Major League Baseball despite it becoming obvious to everyone else in the world over the last week that the Marlins can only consistently beat the Washington Nationals.

Hey - which team:

  • hasn’t lost a series yet this year
  • has the most wins in MLB
  • has the second fewest losses in MLB
  • has the second best winning percentage in MLB
  • has scored the most runs in MLB
  • has second largest run differential in MLB
  • has the second most HRs in MLB
  • has the second best Slg% in MLB
  • has second best OPS in MLB
  • has the most TB in MLB
  • has the third best team BA in MLB
  • pitching leads the MLB in strikeouts
  • has the second best team BAA in MLB
  • has the second best team WHIP in MLB
  • has second best team K/BB ratio in MLB
  • has second best opponent OBP in MLB
  • has most fielding assists in MLB
  • has most put outs in MLB
  • has statistically best defence in MLB
  • is also top 10 in OBP, ERA, K/9IP, FPCT and fewest errors
  • tagged Millwood for 4 ER (1 more than he had given up in the previous 3 starts combined)
  • held Texas’ vaunted offense to a full 2 runs per game below their season average

The Toronto Blue Jays - your number 10 team. Yeah, you guys know your baseball alright.

“Enjoy it while it lasts Canada becuase we’re basing our rankings on something other than team performance” {Ed. Note - dartboard? shoving the names of teams up your asses and seeing which one gets crapped out first?}

Seriously what are you guys basing your rankings on? Look at that list: these aren’t cherry picked stats. This is every single statistical measure of team performance used in baseball. The Jays are first or second in most of them, and are either in the top 5 or top 10 in the rest. This team is dominating opponents in every single facet of the game.

Pitching - top 5
Batting - #1
Fielding - #1

Maybe the reason some of those Canadian baseball fans are comlaining isn’t homerism for the Jays - maybe it’s because your ranking of the Jays is so wildly indefensible that any sane fan reading these “power rankings” would have to wonder if anyone at knows the first thing about baseball.

…and then they would look at Florida in the #1 position and say to themselves “no… no they don’t”

For the record
Florida Marlins:

  • Batting:
    17th SLG, 19th OBP, 19th BA, 15th HR, 19th OPS
  • Piching:
    12th BAA, 8th SO, 12th opponent OBP, 12th WHIP, 12th K/BB, 9th K/9
  • Fielding:
    16th E(rrors), 15th FPCT, 18th A(ssists), 12th PO

If those numbers don’t set off alarms that scream “SMOKE AND MIRRORS!!!! OUR 11-1 START WAS SMOKE AND MIRRORS!!!!” then it’s time to get someone in to look at your early warning system.

Interesting trivia:
No team in MLB history has ever started the season by winning their first 5 series and not gone on to win their division.

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Comments on “MLB Power Rankings: hates the Blue Jays. …and Canadians”

  1. admin

    The Jays are currently leading the Chicago White Sox 12-0 in the 6th…

  2. Momus

    At least they’re consistent - they apparently started the season with the assumption that the Jays suck, so every team the Jays beat gets dropped way down in the rankings. Twins were #7 in week 2 - After losing to the Jays? #18.

    Get ready to be in the bottom half of the rankings next week White Sox (currently #11).

  3. admin

    Just thought I’d point out that the Jays won 14-0 so I though I’d update the information above. The Jays now:
    - Have the most wins
    - Have the fewest losses
    - Have the best winning percentage (.722)
    - Are first in run differential (+46)
    - Have scored 118 runs in 18 games
    - Have taken series from the 3rd, 4th and 7th highest scoring teams and just beat the 12th highest scoring team 14-0

  4. Arpit

    The Jays are putting on a spectacular performance! I agree 100% that Fanhouse either doesn’t know baseball, or hates Canadians (most likely both). Most other sites will release their power rankings on Monday. I’ll be shocked if Jays aren’t #1 on every list.

  5. Flying J

    Between your article and the beating administered by the Jays last night, I believe that has officially removed their week 3 MLB power rankings from the website. Guess they decided to update their foolish list in hopes of maintaining at least some credibility.

  6. admin

    Sweet. If I had any affect on that I am now a happy guy.

  7. Cito fan

    Yeah, outside of the link posted on this website, the article you refer to is not listed on

  8. torc

    Crushed LAA 13-1 tonight! GO JAYS GO! 20-10 record. Right behind ya LAD and 189rbi for the jays and 160+ for LAD!

  9. AK

    OH yeah.. Go BLUE JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep on hating you haters..cuz these boys are for real!!!!!!!!

  10. ian

    LOL… Was I the only person back then thinking the Jays wouldn’t keep it up?

    I would’ve loved them to but it was just obvious that they wouldn’t.

Pissed? I would be too if I was a fan of, you should definitely complain about it...